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The values can be deleted from the impot image reduction by clicking Clear.
It is possible to impot select between a reduction false colour image or ISO contours (shown in the velux image above).
A flunch 3D format that is compatible with multiple CAD programs,.g.
Cross section, in the cross section view, velux it is only possible to calculate luminance and illuminance values.For instance, one material reduction could be assigned to all inner walls, another material to the ceilings, a third to the floor and a fourth to the windows.Polygons are normally automatically triangulated when a model is imported reduction in dviz.Option #1, velux CIE Standard Overcast Sky, is the default sky condition for calculating the Daylight Factor.

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The video file cannot code be played while the investissement project reduction is open in velux Daylight Visualizer.
In order to prepare a 3D model for import in dviz, impot the geometry reduction needs to be created with 2-dimensional polygons (faces) in the respective reduction CAD program.
Models for velux Daylight Visualizer should also discount include a large ground surface.100, then the median value is the average of reduction the two "middle" achat values, so in this example it would be the average of values #50 and #51.To rotate, drag the rotation axis connected to the camera.Also, the exposure of the image can be increased impot or decreased.15 different CIE skies can be simulated, three of which are selected by default and are available at the rendering stage.Interior glass divisions and glass objects may be modelled with one or two layers of polygons.From this step it is possible to modify the surface properties of the materials/layers, thus the amount privee of materials/layers that are assigned reduction in the 3D-model should fit the amount of different surface properties the design includes.The figures below illustrate a situation where a surface snaps to an incorrect node: outre Building envelope, elements of the building envelope are created by modelling the internal and external surfaces.Furniture, furniture may be worth including in daylight analyses, outre for instance impot to illustrate the daylight conditions at workplaces.

Keep in mind that no furniture is included in Daylight velux Factor images.
Floor plan, the floor plan is the view in which the Daylight Factor is calculated, at the specified height.
Higher render quality will significantly increase rendering time.