Display button Toggles between 1 pixel per move or 10 reduction attelage pixels per move.
Show RAW reduction shoot remain enable / disable Calculates how many RAW captures will fit in popcase the popcase current free memory and pour displays that number next to the RAW indicator.
EV Grid Enabled Zebra is reduction a feature that indicates over and popcase under exposed areas of the scene.
Show zalando Filespace in Percent surfdome enable / disable Enables the display of remaining storage as a percentage of total storage.Need details on what is happening Use exif subj.DOF Calculator Edit The Depth Of Field Calculator displays 5 distances in meters S / SD Distance to the subject (Near Limit reduction DOF*0.33).Select the desired ISO setting and the camera will use that setting in all auto and manual modes.

Allows you to nature change how video is recorded, as well as enabling optical zoom.
Chdk allows reduction you to select up leclerc to 10 menu items from nature the chdk reduction menus to be displayed together in one menu.
RAW Controls the display of the RAW indicators on the LCD.
Dump RAM on ALT /- press This is another developer tool.Start the camera in Playback mode.Another ofup tool for reduction controlling the scaling of the histogram.OSD layout editor Allows you to move chdk indicators on the LCD.Ewavr - Show-exposed camera exposure value based on the values of shutter speed and aperture.Also called the Focal Plane.Y leclerc all reduction Displays all 5 variations of histograms with luminance on top.EFL as the effective 35mm reduction FL, as in 210mm.Linear Log 10,000,000 pixels 7,500,000 " reduction 6,250,000 " code 5,000,000 " 3,750,000 " 2,500,000 " 1,250,000 " 1 " 10,000,000 pixels 1,000,000 " 100,000 " 10,000 " 1,000 " 100 " 10 " 1 " Show histogram tripsta over/under EXP enable / disable EXP in on-screen code display.Grid Lines Edit Opens the Grid Lines menu.