17-inch attelage diamond-cut alloy wheels are reduction available on some versions.
An extra dose of style with the reduction GT Line finish The GT Line version of the agées peugeot rifter peugeot is elegant and dynamic, and completes peugeots GT Line range.
This reduction technology has many advantages: greater control over consumption (-15 in peugeot dense urban traffic, compared to a conventional reduction vehicle a reduction in carbon emissions (zero emissions during engine cut-out phases) and complete silence when not in motion.
Fully anchored in the distinct, premium style of the brands latest creations, the new peugeot rifter adopts a resolutely innovative silhouette, solidly built for reduction everyday adventures.
Introduced with the Peugeot 308 in 2013, the EMP2 platform has now been rolled out reduction on the.This feature is particularly useful to pick up an item left on the tray or when the car is parked near an obstacle.The symmetrical bevelled edge shapes on either end, in the front and rear, can be seen on the doors and windows, giving this kind of silhouette a new design.Positioned controle within arms reach, it includes two USB ports, a jack socket, Bluetooth connection reduction and a wireless charger.This exclusive style is complemented by 17-inch Aoraki diamond-cut alloy wheels and GT Line name plates with a copper finish on the front wings and tailgate.With the peugeot rifter, the brand fully reinvents its offer and achieves the perfect combination of versatility and driving code pleasure by peugeot.Peugeot revolutionises the segments reduction offer.The proportions are perfectly balanced, with a short, horizontal bonnet, a high body belt line and shortened overhangs.The main characteristics of this interior finish are a leather steering wheel, dashboard components enhanced with Quente Brown paint, Tissu Casual upholstery and the chequered background of the dials.It is manufactured at the Vigo (Spain) and Mangualde (Portugal) factories.

The EMP2 platform has a suisse modular construction central to the design and aquaparc manufacture of the new mid-range and reduction high-end Peugeot models.
An audible and visual warning goes off when a lapse in attention reduction is detected.
The new peugeot rifter was reduction designed on reduction the EMP2 platform known for its dynamic qualities.
Since its appearance in 2002, the emblematic Zénith roof has evolved over the course of generations to become increasingly appealing.Everything is optimised for the drivers suisse pleasure and focus, in a passenger compartment combining practicality and elegance.They are reduction spread throughout the interior space, on the centre console, in the front overhead space, in the door panels, on rows 1 and 2, and in the boot.During testing the vehicles carry typical luggage and passengers, whilst for greater accuracy our testers ensure that peugeot comfort features such as air conditioning are left on, just reduction as they would be in the real world.In the Long version, the 2 individual seats on row 3 can slide and be removed to adapt to all situations and prioritise either code boot volume or leg room for the passengers.Each of the 3 seats in row 2 can hold a child seat.The challenge for the new peugeot rifter was to offer an reduction appealing vehicle while still meeting the volume, robustness, code modularity and compactness requirements.The interior design of the new peugeot rifter is unique on the market.This new chassis provides: A modular architecture to meet the specific requirements of the main world markets (5-door hatchbacks, saloons, estates and SUVs).Keyless entry and engine start.The list of technological equipments is impressive and unprecedented on this segment, and includes the following, depending on the versions: A backup electric brake.The roof bars coupon are clearly part of the design and carefully integrated, and their base is open to enable strapping objects.