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Other than stopping the magasin causative drug or substance, no specific treatment is france available for reduction the optic neuropathy caused by ethambutol.
Toxic optic neuropathies, for cases of optic toxic reduction optic neuropathies, the treatment is more reduction definitive; the goal is to optic identify and optic remove the offending substance.
Improved nutrition reduction clearly is the key, as dietary deficiency is the common denominator in these patients.However, there are reports that vision may still decline or fail to recover even when the drug is stopped 13 if damage is severe enough.The visual symptoms, along with the disk swelling, can improve 5 gradually over the next reduction several months, rather than immediately.Once this is accomplished, most patients will recover, and this may take weeks reduction to months.Because these drugs may be given concurrently in the treatment of tuberculosis, and both may produce a toxic optic neuropathy, physicians should remember that if stopping one does not presse result in the improvement of a patient's vision, then the other drug also should be stopped.Based on the literature, one standard treatment for patients who have nutritional optic neuropathy is not apparent, as various authors have had success with a variety of regimens.Conversely, visual loss or associated field defects reportedly can be permanent despite discontinuation reduction of the drug, 14, 6 with the disc swelling progressing to optic nerve pallor.

In some patients, the administration of pyridoxine has been reduction used to help reverse the toxicity tutute of isoniazid, but this improvement may be simply related to stopping it and coupons not the pyridoxine.
A well-balanced diet, reduction which is high in protein, also should be supplemented with B-complex vitamins.
Vitamin B-12 injections are reserved for patients reduction with pernicious anemia.Others believe that thiamine may contribute to recovery, even in patients who continue to abuse alcohol or tobacco.Injections of hydroxycobalamin have been successful in treating patients with tobacco amblyopia, even when smoking continues.Therefore, specific therapy includes thiamine 100 mg PO bid, folate 1 reduction mg PO qd, reduction a multivitamin tablet daily, and the elimination of any causative agent (eg, tobacco, alcohol).2, prompt reduction discontinuation of amiodarone (in consultation with the patient's cardiologist) is essential if coupons compelling evidence exists of toxic optic neuropathy from the drug.For isoniazid, vision also improves when administration of the drug is ceased.The latter, combined with an improved diet (green leafy vegetables and fruit daily) and vitamin supplementation, are the mainstay of therapy in nutritional optic neuropathy.Of note, some patients have developed disc oneplus edema and subsequent optic neuropathy even after cessation of the drug.If an optic neuropathy is diagnosed in a patient taking both isoniazid and ethambutol, the latter drug should be discontinued first.If visual symptoms persist, then the isoniazid must also be discontinued.It cannot be overemphasized to patients that stopping, or at least reducing, their smoking or consumption of alcohol is critical to their recovery.If pronounced nerve fiber layer dropout is present, treatment is futile.Severe acute bilateral alcohol-induced toxic optic neuropathy-case report.Philadelphia: WB Saunders Co; 2000.La livraison est offert sur le site internet reduction optic 2000.