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And, over the years Nike has been criticized for its lack of oversight of its manufacturers.
As you bricoprive can see, Nikes bar of excellence is high and Nike actively not only audits its manufacturing partners, but also helps them reduction improve.That means it takes Nike 38 less time evaluating a manufacturing partner.At Nike, we reduction also believe lean can empower workers and teams.But, now they are seeing their oversight and relationship with contract manufacturers as factory an opportunity to innovate.This is effectively Nikes True North if we were to speak in terms of Hoshin reduction Kanri.As of this writing, they have manufacturing contracts with over 785 factories, across India, Vietnam, Philippines, and South America.Those numbers are staggering and humbling at the same time.

This is a massive improvement.
I have etudiant to say that this is the aspect of factory imprimante the Lean deployment that impresses me the most.
Keep in mind, this is before they started their imprimante Lean Journey.I was very, very impressed to see their commitment to Lean and was pleasantly surprised at how far up and how deeply down the commitment to Lean is at Nike.The success of the lean approach depends on the implementation of physical changes to production processes, increased leadership capabilities and the development of an empowered workforce.And, they also take temperature checks with their people, to see if the Lean deployment is meeting their needs.Most of us know this as Shop reduction Floor Management, reduction or even the Toyota Floor Management Development System as I know.Lean manufacturing seeks to engage the minds of those closest to the work to solve the problems that prevent senseo them from delivering quality product on time, nike every time.Manufacturing Excellence, according to Nike, in order to design the future, Lean Manufacturing must be part of the solution for them.People: workers are engaged and enabled to drive business success through continuous improvement.Innovation at Nike reduction must be within the context of (a) serving the athlete, (b) grows the company, and (c) delivers inspiration.Nike has reduction determined that their finished goods manufacturing is where they have the largest impact on people and the environment.From their perspective, Lean helps their people in the following ways: Leadership: factory leaders use Lean to drive business performance.This article will provide an overview of Nike Lean Manufacturing, the business units involved, their use.And, they believe that, the lean approach also seeks to engage the minds of those closest to the work to solve the problems that prevent them from delivering quality product on time, every time.Design the Future: Nike Lean Manufacturing.

In their words, this is how training is done in order to help their people notice the level.
Heres an older video of their fulfillment and distribution operations a part of their supply chain.