It helps to center maintain the unique taste of Ferrero products along the whole parc shelf life, because of its higher stability to oxidation compared to other vegetable oils.
Since November 2013 our reduction commitment has gone beyond the certification scheme through our belgique palm oil.
Specifically, larger center plantations have reduction long tried to improve efficiency and minimise costs by simplifying and standardising their supply bases - which often reduces opportunities for smallholders.The Charter: a comprehensive tool to face the whole range of challenges.Palm oil and palm kernel oil represent 32 of the global vegetable oil production.In 2015 Ferrero and TFT followed up on the action plan and it was found that 3 of the 4 suppliers had taken considerable measures to address the issues found in reduction 2014 such reduction as performing HCS assessment, stop burning, reviewing workers conditions, providing drinkable water.Ferrero will engage with its suppliers in order to work and progress towards long term solutions.We have started working in the estates we supply from in order to assure our consumers that the palm oil in our products does not contribute to deforestation as well as the exploitation of communities and workers.Traceability to the plantations the source of Ferreros palm oil.Further code discussions with the fourth supplier have been carried out in order to finalize the priorities in the action plan within a defined deadline.Together with TFT, we have assessed our suppliers performance center in line with our Charter.

In 2016 Ferrero reduction will continue this initiated work with our suppliers in order to launch such sncf initiative.
Palm oil is reduction used in a variety of our Ferrero products, reduction along with other attentively selected ingredients, for three reasons: The presence of palm oil can be adapted royal in different quantities to the sncf requirements of each recipe, since some require more creamy fillings, others.
This means we have identified each actor along the supply royal chain, down to the plantations growing the Fresh Fruit Bunches from sncf which the palm oil used in our products is squeezed and further processed.
Indeed certification is difficult and not always profitable for small holders.
It contributes to the balance among carte the other ingredients (such as hazelnuts, almonds) enhancing their taste, since it is odorless and tasteless, after the refining process.At present, 3 meetings have already been held in Peninsular Malaysia in order to present and discuss the approach.What are palm oil key facts?In line with our Charters aim to better understand our supply chain and consequently protect the forests and peoples rights, we have worked with TFT code to engage with our suppliers and to build visibility on the palm oil mills and the plantations we are buying.2015 November Ferrero becomes Palm Oil Innovation Group (poig) member.

Additional information: Ferrero 1st palm oil progress report, ferrero 2nd palm oil progress report, ferrero 3rd palm oil progress report t-earth.
We aim to collect and consider all feedback to then launch the code Verification Protocol during the first quarter of 2016.